Why is it Important for you to Watch out for Rosacea?

Millions of people across the globe are affected by rosacea. The impact of rosacea can be minor or it can be seriously debilitating. The typical signs of rosacea include redness on the nose, cheeks, or forehead of an individual. This redness can be nothing more than a blush, or it can be dark red. Rosacea can also be accompanied by bumps or pimples. Some people with rosacea also experience itching or a “hot” feeling in the affected area.

The Look of Rosacea

 When rosacea flares, some people look as if they have just finished running a marathon and look flushed with red areas on their face. Friends, coworkers, or family members may be concerned about how rosacea looks, thinking it could be a serious disease or a symptom of something direr. For many years, people with rosacea were thought to be alcoholics with a red nose. This is not necessarily true because not everyone with rosacea even drinks alcohol.

Who Can Get Rosacea? 

Anyone can have some degree of rosacea. This condition is typically present in people with lighter skin or people who blush more easily. It is thought that the blood vessels at the skin surface seem more sensitive, which causes rosacea to appear, although this is only theory. Children of any age may have rosacea.  Teenagers and young adults can also have this condition. Adults and senior citizens may find that rosacea can become more apparent as they age.

What Causes Rosacea? 

There is no definite cause for rosacea. Various theories are being researched to help in identifying the root cause of this condition. In the interim, there are several “triggers” that may launch a flare up of rosacea for some people. These triggers include exercise, exposure to sun, dry weather, or an extreme change in temperature.


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Rosacea in Women

anti-aging-skin-careWomen are three times more likely to have rosacea than men, and it is very likely to happen in women aging between 30 and 60. This means women have to take special care in knowing about the skin condition and what they can do to help prevent any flare ups that can lead to serious, permanent skin damage.

Skin Infections

A rosacea flare up can be as mild as a reddening of the skin and as extreme as a lobulated nose. It can even lead to eyelid infections, which make it hard to see and are dangerous for the eyes.

The red domed bumps that are synonymous with the skin condition are not like regular acne. They are not blemishes from clogged pores, but instead they are signs that the skin is infected. Rosacea is like a permanent skin infection that has to be watched and monitored.

Knowing the Limits

There is no cure for rosacea, but people are encouraged to track or journal their flare ups so they can pinpoint the causes. This can be drinking too much alcohol or spending too much time in the sun. Rosacea is best measured in how these flare ups are controlled and managed.

Women who write down when bumps occur or when their blood vessels are dilated have a better chance of preventing an outbreak. They also learn how to best relieve the pain that rosacea causes. This can be through natural remedies, such as oranges and tangerines, or using a special formulated rosacea face cream. Whatever way it is managed, people have a lot of decisions to make concerning rosacea.

A Better Life

No cure does not mean women cannot lead productive lives with rosacea. They can still do all the things they want to, but they just need to track what makes their skin to redden or breakout. Take control of rosacea today and start living a more care-free life.

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Managing Rosacea Outbreaks

rosacea-management-300x210Dealing with rosacea is not a fun experience. AN outbreak can leave a person’s skin feeling itchy and irritated. In most instances, the skin has a burning or stinging sensation. This condition is about more than just reddening of the face. It can lead to serious, permanent damage. When it breaks out in red domed bumps, especially on the nose, these bumps can become permanent. It’s not like dealing with teenage acne.
Ways to Manage

Doctors claim that since there is no cure for the disease that the best way people can help themselves is by tracking their outbreaks or flare ups. This can be done by keeping a journal or a calendar. Marking down when and where a breakout occurred can help lead to the why. Get a control on the whys and people can live a little easier.

Some things people with rosacea should avoid:
● Extreme temperature changes
● Bad cosmetics
● Hot weather
● Stressful situations
● Too much sun exposure
● spicy food

By far the biggest enemy is temperature. While it is a no brainer to think about how damaging the sun can be, people often overlook the effects of being out in the cold.This temperature stress can lead to more breakouts of red domed bumps and dilated blood vessels on the face. In some advanced cases people may develop a red lobulated nose.

No More Burning and Stinging

Using natural products is a good way to handle rosacea. Remember there is no cure so the best thing to do is to treat the symptoms. This means Vitamin E for the damaged skin and a nice moisturizer like eucalyptus to soothe the skin.

People who have a daily skin care regimen have reported fewer rosacea breakouts. This is something to consider and can work hand-in-hand with keeping a journal.

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What Causes Rosacea and How You Can Deal With It Successfully?

skinsobold1Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that generally affects the facial skin and also the eyes in some instances. The condition is characterized by redness of the skin, acne-like appearance on and around the nose and cheeks, dilated blood vessels, and also thickening of the skin when it advances to the second stage. Rosacea typically affects the face. It is very rarely seen on other parts of the body.

What Are The Reasons For Rosacea?

Despite extensive research, the precise reasons that trigger rosacea are not known. Scientific studies have revealed various theories about this skin condition over the years. There are several triggers that cause the symptoms to flare up and increase the redness of the face.

Increased dilation of facial blood vessels and the resultant increase in blood near the skin surface is the reason why the skin appears red and flushed. An assortment of lifestyle factors and environmental reasons are known to cause this condition. Factors like bacterial presence in the skin, minute skin mites, sun damage of the skin’s connective tissues, irritation of follicles, and even psychological factors can trigger the symptoms according to experts.

How You Can Deal With Rosacea?

It is erroneously believed by many that rosacea is contagious but skin specialists have very clearly dispelled this notion. Rosacea is not an infectious disease. There is no evidence to suggest that it can spread by contact with the skin or through airborne bacteria. There are antibiotics as well as topical applications available for treatment of this skin condition. The effectiveness of antibiotics is believed to be due to the anti-inflammatory effect and not because it destroys or neutralizes the effect of bacteria.

Topical treatments are preferred, as they have the ability to keep the obvious symptoms like redness and inflammation under control. It is important to get the right medical advice and treatment immediately on diagnosis. It can help the affected individuals lead a near-normal lifestyle after being affected by rosacea.

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Rosacea Face Creams

Face creamWomen and men living and suffering from rosacea are constantly looking for relief. There is no cure for their condition, but there is a treatment available to manage the symptoms. A high-quality rosacea cream can be invaluable to a person dealing with a flare up that can lead to red domed pimples and infected eyelids. Some serious cases even lead to deformities of the nose.

The Rosacea Story

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects more than just the face. Men and women have been known to break out into rashes, develop big pimples, and have flakey skin and itchy skin. Sometimes, these flashes, as they are referred to, can leave behind scars so big that the face can get deformed.
To help decrease the chance of flashes, doctors recommend using a good rosacea skin care cream as well as watching their diet, exercise, and stress levels. Even too much sun can lead to a flare up and that could last for days.

A Cream Is Worth It

There is no cure for rosacea, but that does not mean the symptoms cannot be managed. By managing the symptoms, people limit the damage to their skin. That is where a good skin care cream comes into play. Using a skin care cream regularly will diminish the appearance of rosacea and hopefully lead to less breakouts as well.

When comparing creams, it is advisable to compare ingredients. Which one has more vitamin E? Does this one contain citrus? Does that one contain rose oil? Doing research into the ingredients is only going to lead to the best possible cream for the situation. Manage rosacea and get a better life.

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Rosacea and Chronic Acne

skin-care_rosacea-moisturizersPeople who deal with rosacea are dealing with more than just reddened skin. It is a serious skin condition that doctors and scientists have yet to discover a cure for. However, there are ways to manage the condition to where it is not so life altering. While mild cases involve a dark red forehead and cheeks, other serious cases can lead to a red lobulated nose. It is important to keep the condition in check as much as possible.

Signs of Rosacea

Rosacea is more than just chronic acne. In fact, acne is just one of the dozen things that can happen to a man or a woman’s face. The condition strikes more women than men, but that doesn’t make men immune to the condition. Other signs of the disease are red domed bumps and dilated blood vessels. This can lead to a burning and stinging sensation.

Ways to Make it Better

The way to handle rosacea is to manage the symptoms and to be aware of any possible triggers. Doctors often times recommend keeping a journal marking their outbreaks. By tracking these outbreaks, people can determine what their triggers are, be it sun exposure, emotional stress, hot weather, bad cosmetics, or even the humidity in the air.

When these symptoms occur, they can sometimes be unbearable. That is why women and men both use a skin care cream that helps keep their skin clean and moisturized. By using a cream, people can manage their symptoms better and reduce the number of flare ups that make their face itchy and painful.

It is important to shop for a good face cream that includes gentle ingredients. Sometimes, bad cosmetics can lead to further outbreaks, so making sure to use a high-quality product is the key to getting cured.

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