Environmental Factors that Cause Allergies and Skin Redness

Young beautiful woman against white backgroundDuring seasonal changes many people each year suffer from sinus allergies.  Just as your sinuses can be affected by airborne pollen or changes in weather, your skin can suffer from allergies as well.

Unlike sinus allergies, skin allergies can be very different depending on the individual skin type and the skin’s reaction.  Some people may experience redness, irritation, itchiness, blemishes or a combination of all symptoms.  Some people may experience very light allergic reactions while others may have much more severe reactions.

In addition to seasonal changes, there are other types of factors that can trigger allergic reactions on the skin.

Common Skin Allergies

The following are some of the more common skin allergies:

• Pollen – skin can often react to pollen along with sinuses.  Many pollens are naturally “sticky” in order for plants to propagate and the pollen will stick to skin causing irritation.
• Dust and Dirt – often itchy skin is a cause of dust and dirt particles that lodge in pores and irritate the skin.  The irritation then causes blood to travel to capillaries just beneath the skin surface causing redness and further skin irritation.
• Airborne chemicals – many types of fragrances, scented lotions, sprays or cleaning chemicals can cause an allergic reaction.  Depending on the sensitivity of the skin some people can experience severe reactions including redness, blemishes, rashes and other symptoms.
• Makeup or skin care products – people with sensitive skin can have an allergic reaction to certain types of makeup, soaps, or lotions.  In some cases people may develop allergic reactions when there had been no problems using the products before.

The biggest challenge with skin allergies is determining the cause.  It is not often easy to identify if the allergy is from pollen or a perfume, or if it is something else entirely.  Working with a dermatologist can help you to determine what is causing redness and find a solution that will help.


About carteralmeida

My name is Carter Almeida and I have been writing about health and skin care for the past four years after I gave up my banking job. Writing is a passion I always wanted to follow and I took the big decision to be a professional writer after being inspired by a colleague who took the plunge successfully. I have my own blog on premature aging and natural beauty treatments to deal with it.
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