Three Things to Avoid When Living With Rosacea

Living-with-rosacea-is-so-much-annoyingWhile there is no cure for rosacea, doctors do say it is manageable if people can find out the triggers and do their best to avoid them. Triggers can set off a painful reaction of flushed cheeks to pus filled red domed bumps that hurt worse than any teenage acne. Here are three things people living with rosacea may want to avoid.

Too Much Stress

Stress can be a big trigger for both men and women. Being worked up really works up the skin. This can cause a painful reaction. To help deal with stress people can exercise (run, yoga, pilates), talk to someone (a therapist, friend, family member), or find a creative outlet (writing, painting, sculpting).

Too Much Sun

Every rosacea patient is different but one of the things they have in common is their sensitivity to the sun. By being in the sun too long it can cause something far worse than  sunburn. Regular Aloe Vera will not take away the sting that rosacea delivers. That means wearing sunscreen, a big hat, sunglasses, sitting under an umbrella, and cooling yourself down as often as possible by jumping in the water (make sure that your sunscreen is waterproof and high SPF).

Too Much Makeup

One of the things women want to do to help their rosacea is to cover it up with makeup but this can be a double edged sword. If the makeup is sensitive enough and designed to help people with sensitive skin, then it’s all good. However, some makeup, especially that of poor quality will only make matters worse.

Learn what your triggers are by keeping a diary of each flare up. Then you will know what is too much and what should be avoided. It will make living with rosacea easier.


About carteralmeida

My name is Carter Almeida and I have been writing about health and skin care for the past four years after I gave up my banking job. Writing is a passion I always wanted to follow and I took the big decision to be a professional writer after being inspired by a colleague who took the plunge successfully. I have my own blog on premature aging and natural beauty treatments to deal with it.
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