Reducing Stress Reduces Rosacea

b89a3481ace3714460aab5cfdd9e922bStress is a problem for everyone. It causes a lot of nervous energy, anger, and can even lead to serious breakdowns if not managed properly. Women and men dealing with the skin condition rosacea know this all too well as too much stress can lead to serious rosacea flare ups. Since there is no cure the for skin condition it is tracking triggers such as stress that help people manage the condition day-to-day.


Yoga is a great exercise for reducing stress. Not only does it help the body produce natural endorphins (which make a person happy) but it also promotes a lifestyle of self-acceptance. By getting in touch with the inner self a person can reduce his or her stress because they won’t be stressed out about the inconsequential anymore. This of course takes a lot of practice.


Writing in a journal can be very therapeutic. Having a place for all the thoughts that rush through the mind each day is important. It gives people an outlet instead of trying to hold everything inside, acting like everything is ok. Journaling is also a great way to track flare ups and breakouts so people can identify their triggers be it spicy food, too much sun, or simply drinking too much at the bar. Start journaling about rosacea and see what impact stress has on the skin condition.


Hanging out with friends is a good way to reduce stress. Going out to the movies, having a walk in the park, or meeting up for a weekly brunch can all reduce a person’s stress level. Do not be afraid to talk to a friend either. By getting things out in the open they become easier to deal with, especially when a friend is always nearby.


About carteralmeida

My name is Carter Almeida and I have been writing about health and skin care for the past four years after I gave up my banking job. Writing is a passion I always wanted to follow and I took the big decision to be a professional writer after being inspired by a colleague who took the plunge successfully. I have my own blog on premature aging and natural beauty treatments to deal with it.
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