Avoiding Rosacea And Keeping The Symptoms In Check Is Not Too Difficult

You-can-get-this-face-wash-from-any-kind-of-cosmeticRosacea is an inconvenient and embarrassing skin condition that affects far too many adults. Rosacea presents as a redness filled with thin, vein-like lines around the center third of the face. Often, this is accompanied by acne-like breakouts on the skin. There are usually periods of higher intensity and lower intensity, but there is no actual cure. The cause of rosacea is also unknown, but there are many trigger facts that can worsen it during flare-ups, such as stress, spice foods, heat, and so on. But, can it be avoided? Avoiding rosacea entirely can be tricky, but reducing flare-ups and minimizing visibility is very achievable.

DIY Remedies

Do-it-yourself remedies for rosacea are very simple and very effective. There are many household items that work wonders for you rosacea. One such item that anyone has lying around is vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so it kills many of the bacteria in the skin that worsens rosacea during flare-ups. You can easily create a vinegar facial rinse by mixing 6 parts water with 1 part white vinegar. Rinse your face with this every night before bedtime to keep your skin clear. For added results, try sometimes switching the white vinegar with apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties that are also very useful during flare-ups.

Products to Avoid

There are many products on the market boasting a treatment for rosacea. Because rosacea flare-ups are often the result of sensitive skin, it is important to read labels and find products that aren’t overly stuffed with extra chemicals or unnatural substances. Many ingredients in store bought products actually make rosacea worse no matter what the label claims. You should find a simple product with only a few ingredients. It is also good to test out any product on a patch of your skin before using to make sure your skin does not experience any negative reaction.


About carteralmeida

My name is Carter Almeida and I have been writing about health and skin care for the past four years after I gave up my banking job. Writing is a passion I always wanted to follow and I took the big decision to be a professional writer after being inspired by a colleague who took the plunge successfully. I have my own blog on premature aging and natural beauty treatments to deal with it.
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