Rosacea in Women

anti-aging-skin-careWomen are three times more likely to have rosacea than men, and it is very likely to happen in women aging between 30 and 60. This means women have to take special care in knowing about the skin condition and what they can do to help prevent any flare ups that can lead to serious, permanent skin damage.

Skin Infections

A rosacea flare up can be as mild as a reddening of the skin and as extreme as a lobulated nose. It can even lead to eyelid infections, which make it hard to see and are dangerous for the eyes.

The red domed bumps that are synonymous with the skin condition are not like regular acne. They are not blemishes from clogged pores, but instead they are signs that the skin is infected. Rosacea is like a permanent skin infection that has to be watched and monitored.

Knowing the Limits

There is no cure for rosacea, but people are encouraged to track or journal their flare ups so they can pinpoint the causes. This can be drinking too much alcohol or spending too much time in the sun. Rosacea is best measured in how these flare ups are controlled and managed.

Women who write down when bumps occur or when their blood vessels are dilated have a better chance of preventing an outbreak. They also learn how to best relieve the pain that rosacea causes. This can be through natural remedies, such as oranges and tangerines, or using a special formulated rosacea face cream. Whatever way it is managed, people have a lot of decisions to make concerning rosacea.

A Better Life

No cure does not mean women cannot lead productive lives with rosacea. They can still do all the things they want to, but they just need to track what makes their skin to redden or breakout. Take control of rosacea today and start living a more care-free life.


About carteralmeida

My name is Carter Almeida and I have been writing about health and skin care for the past four years after I gave up my banking job. Writing is a passion I always wanted to follow and I took the big decision to be a professional writer after being inspired by a colleague who took the plunge successfully. I have my own blog on premature aging and natural beauty treatments to deal with it.
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